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Day 46: The Miracle of Flight


The way home was much better than the way there. I complained (twice) about my seat being “limited leg room and recline” and got upgraded to an Economy Comfort seat, which basically means a regular seat with the words “Economy Comfort” stitched into the headrest for an extra $59. But, it was by a window and it reclined and I didn’t have to pay for it. Yes, the boy next to me smelled like cigarettes and he either had headphones he got from the ticket counter at Chucky Cheese or was very close to being completely deaf. But he was nice. He left his phone in the seat so I chased him down, knocking over women and children to get it back to him. It was an iphone – I’ve felt that pain.

I had an hour or so layover in Atlanta and paid $9 for a bagel and orange juice from concentrate. The plane was almost empty so I stretched out in two seats. I guess I didn’t hear the “turn off your electronic  devices” warning because the wheels hitting the ground is what woke me up. And then off the plane, and my dad waiting for me at baggage claim. It’s nice to have someone at the airport waiting for you. I know a lot of people don’t.

Day 37: No La-Z-Boy


Sitting on an airplane. I got so lucky as to get the seats in front of the exit row that don’t recline. Almost ¾ of the way through. One more hour. I’ve had to pee since I got on the plane, but window seat- and both people beside me are asleep. Also, I’m freezing. I left my cardigan in the car when I got out. I forgot to eat dinner too. That’s just because I left work late, which meant I got home late, which meant I finished packing late, left the house late, got to the airport late. I ran through the terminal and was probably the fifth or sixth to last to board. Good thing I took the moving sidewalk.

I’m a ray of sunshine, if you can’t tell.

Despite everything, I’m actually not down at all. I made my plane which barely happened. Maybe I like the drama of rushing to the airport at the last minute, who knows. Thank goodness traffic was light, it wasn’t raining, and no one was in the check-in line. I had 7 minutes to check in before the cut off time. So there’s a lot to be thankful for. A sore butt isn’t the end of the world. I’ve got a lot more cushion back there than a lot of people. Oh, arriving 25 minutes ahead of schedule. Got to go – time to store electronic devices.

See you on the ground.