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Day 56: Bunny Ruffles


Today, I went to a double baby shower, which is a very frightening idea to me. Me trying to pick out children’s clothes at Macy’s almost gave me a panic attack. I don’t have any idea what is supposed to be cute and what is corny. Ducks, bunnies, elephants, monkeys, lace, pajamas with feet… I may as well be reading Latin. But I grabbed a few outfits that were as ruffle-free as possible for the expecting moms. I wrapped them in what paper I had laying around, which ended up being fluorescent yellow with a black bow and purple gloss paper with some kind of swirly crap on it. I got congratulations cards that said “You did it!” because I couldn’t find anything without a stork or a bottle on it. So I showed up after work to celebrate two of my managers, both due in the next few weeks. It was weird, and I made a lot of inappropriate comments, but I got through it alive. So here’s to facing your fears, but doing it in your own way.

Day 39: OOOO OOOOO wicky-wicky-wicky.


Ludacris and I share the same profound love for Saturdays. This was a good one. We had an adult social gathering, with friends from high school, many of whom I’ve known since grade school. There were new faces as well, friends of friends who I’ve seen tagged in photos and heard stories about.

First kisses, first crushes, first boyfriends, and a lot of other firsts crowded Carrie’s living room and kitchen, singing songs about the glory days, toasting to the future. So many of us have known each other since we were single digit, greasy headed little kids playing foursquare on the playground. Our initials are carved in the tree past the basketball courts, little hearts outlining love we thought was final.

And here we are, over 15 years later, discussing wedding dresses and admiring photos of each other’s children, complaining about long work days and trying to forget how far past our bedtimes it is. Don’t get me wrong – we aren’t old quite yet. Fighting for the title of beer pong champion, chasing shots of vodka with shots of Malibu, running circles around the pool table in a hyperactive game of ‘Blue Balls,’ imitating Street Fighter characters in the kitchen (okay, maybe that was just me), and dreading the sun coming up because we could stay right here forever.

So much changes in our lives every day. We lose people we love, we move to new places, life deals us cards that change who we are and what matters to us. It’s good to know that even with the world spinning madly on, we can fill a house with thirty people, new friends and old, have some beers, and freeze time, if only for one night.