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Day 57: Don’t Pee-on Me


Yesterday, we had a meeting at work to cover recent survey results that were collected to evaluate our happiness/satisfaction at work. We bombed it pretty bad. Questions like “do you trust your leadership team?” “Do you feel you have the tools required to do your job?” workload, recognition, etc., etc., blah blah blah. There are six non-managerial people in my department, including myself, and ten manager and above levels. Needless to say, the meeting was a lot of awkward silence on our part. And I could launch into a lot about why and what is wrong and go on for pages, but that wouldn’t be a very half-glass-full attitude.

So, instead of all that, I’m thankful for my fellow pee-ons. We all met today and bitched and laughed and shrugged our shoulders, because like 2Pac preached it, that’s just the way it is. I can’t change the way things work here, but I can control where I do work. November can’t get here soon enough.


Day 36: Zombiepocolypse


Today just seemed to be one of those days where everything got under my skin and nothing went quite the way I would have liked. When I get in those moods it’s often hard to see positive in much of anything. But, I have to. Because I promised myself 36 days ago that I would. And here we are.

I leave for vacation tomorrow so work this entire week has been even more hectic than usual, as I’ve had to do this week’s work and next. That, combined with the fact that I’ve had some outrageous, unrealistic requests that I’ve had no choice but to fulfill. I took several things home today and at 11:30, am just finishing the last of it. Reminds me of college the night before a big paper is do. At least I’m getting paid.

But that’s not what I’m thankful for. A large part of my job involves writing. Most often, it is very business-formal and not fun at all. A cocktail of corporate jargon and overused PR phrases. The “bottom-line” and “state-of-the-art” fill in the blank chase me in my sleep. As a little girl, I was afraid that a monster in my closet would get me, now, I fear the zombies turning me into one of their own.

Every once in a while, I get to write something that is really fun. It’s usually not important – a paragraph on an invitation, a thank you letter. I guess it probably sounds like something to be depressed about more than thankful, but in all honesty, it is fun to write something that people enjoy, even if it is a phrase or a paragraph or a letter with someone else’s name on it. I whip out a lot of quick material because I’m dominated by deadlines. Taking work home isn’t necessarily fun, but I spent an hour writing a letter that I really liked tonight. Only 400 people or so will ever have the chance to read it, so if I’m lucky, maybe 50 actually will. But it’s something I’m proud of. It’s good to feel good about something that I wrote, even if no one else will ever know it was me.

Day 27: Sexy Monday


A lot of us attribute the start of our week to being ill. You just begin to settle into the joy of the weekend, and before you know it, you are saying goodbye to Sunday Funday and hello to Manic Monday. You hit snooze a few too many times, put your makeup on during your drive to work, and spend the day with your office door closed, hoping no one notices that you are wearing two different shoes. Mondays are all work and no play… sort of like Tuesday, only further from Friday.

But, I’m here to tell you – there is another way.

Mondays should be sexy. It’s not hard to have a sexy Monday (zing!) you just have to know how to make it happen. So here are my tips and tricks for taking the mania out of Monday, and adding a little bit of fun to not just get your week going, but rip-roaring.

A sexy Monday starts on Sunday. Lay out your clothes before going to bed Sunday night. Not only will you save yourself a few extra minutes in the morning, but if the outfit is already there, you’re less likely to trade the sexy pencil skirt for your go-to black slacks and oversized sweater. Paint your nails something other than nail-color. If you can’t have colored nails at work, go south to your toes. Even if they aren’t showing, you know they’re down there. Be … dare I say it? Feisty! My favorite shade of fesity is OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark.

Set your alarm. Pick a fun ringtone to wake up to. “Chime” and “Ring” may not be the best way for you to start the day. Make it something that resonates with you. My personal favorite is John Legend’s “Good Morning”. The perfect combination of soft and sultry for 6 a.m.

Wake up. Give yourself an extra 20 minutes. Yes, I know, what you’re thinking … wake up earlier – this girl’s clearly a crazy. But seriously, give it a try. A few extra minutes in the morning takes away the craziness of rushing around and lets you enjoy what you are doing without obsessing over the clock.

Get clean. If you’re a morning ‘showerer,’ try some fun scented body wash, or use facial cleanser on your body for an added thrill. I smear the old-school Noxema in a jar on my face and shoulders in the shower for a refreshing tingle.

This is when I go in my room and shut the door. Lock it, maybe. I pull up Pandora and listen to something with a beat. “Gotye” radio has been a recent favorite, and “Sex on Fire” radio never disappoints. Put on your favorite brand of lotion, and slip on the type underwear you’d like to get caught in. Then, just dance for a minute. Yeah, I know how that sounds, and trust me – it looks ridiculous. But there is something extremely therapeutic about dancing around in your underwear. You don’t have to pop drop and lock it if it’s not your style, but just check yourself out and notice the good parts. Be ridiculous. It feels good.

Put on your sexy outfit with sexy shoes, over your sexy underwear, and style your sexy hair (mine is lose, unkept waves) even if you don’t have meetings today. You deserve the best version of yourself even more than anyone else you encounter. Look good because it makes you feel good – whether that’s a little black dress or a pair of sweats doesn’t matter. Dress in what makes you feel best.

Have your favorite thing for breakfast. Hey, look. You’ve even got time to whip up an omelet! Aren’t you glad you woke up early?

Pop a pill. I’m a firm believer in the power of vitamins. A couple of energy boosting favorites are Magnesium and B12. I love biotin too – makes your nails and hair super strong (for the long haul sexy Monday.) Always consult your doctor, of course.

Listen to what you love. Enjoy your favorite album in the car or at work if you’re able. Don’t get trapped in slow mopey songs. If you have an ‘F you’ attitude today, embrace it! Ceelo Greens “Forget You” and “I am not a Robot” by Marina and the Diamonds are some of my favorites.

Say hello. Yes, people in the office may think you’re losing it, but talk to them. Ask your coworkers how their weekends were, share your stories, smile about it. Fake it till you make it if you have to.

Make a list.  The best way to feel good about what you accomplish for the day is to keep track of it. Write a list and don’t become overwelmed by the work-week. All you’ve got to worry about is today. And if that list doesn’t get checked off by tomorrow, hey guess what, you’ve already got part of tomorrow’s list done! Now you’re ahead of schedule!

Treat yourself to yummy goodness. Put your favorite creamer in your morning cup of coffee. For lunch, I know it’s easy to take leftovers, but consider going out with a friend or coworker instead. If you do bring leftovers, enjoy your lunch somewhere other than at your desk. Take the time you are permitted for your lunch. The work will be there tomorrow.

Accessorize your water. I’m an avid water drinker – staying hydrated is crucial to good health – so when I get tired of drinking wet air, I throw some diced fruit into my glass. A couple strawberries or slices of nectarine (or whatever you love) will flavor your water all day. Just as healthy, but much more sexy.

Happy Hour. Consider making Monday your happy hour day. Start your week off with a few friends and cheap drinks. Celebrate the fact that you made it through the work day!

Fit Hour. If you forego cocktails and finger foods, spend some time in the evening being physical. Whether that means walking the dog, doing yoga in the park, or hitting the gym, do the thing you like best. Don’t let the little tired voice in your head convince you that it’s okay to sit on the couch, watching reruns of American Idol. Exercising releases endorphins for a short-term natural high, and the long-term physical benefits, well, I’m sure you’ve seen enough episodes of Dr. Oz to know what I’m talking about.

Take some YOU time. As the night dwindles down, take some time to hang out with yourself. Whether it’s a bubble bath, a date with a good book or a playlist of YouTube videos, just spend some time doing something you enjoy. After all, you are really good company. Plus, you’ve got some wild dance moves.

Lights out. As you lay in bed, think about something that happened during your day that you enjoyed – something that you are thankful for. Then, come up with another. If negative thoughts try to squeeze inside your head, visualize yourself karate kicking them out. Focus on slowing your breathing and roll into sleep.

Hope you enjoyed your Sexy Monday. Now, the only unfortunate part is that you have to wait an entire week for another! (Feel free to let Tuesday in on the secret too.)