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Day 49: Under Construction


Finally getting back on a schedule that involves less gorging on anything fried and more running and putting things that are green on my plate. Yesterday I woke up at 5 a.m. to work out and today I hit the gym again. A four-mile inclined run (okay 3 miles of running and a mile to get warmed up/cool down) and 700 calories later, I’m still standing. Now, to keep it up and renovate my temple.

Day 12: Like Riding a Bike


Day 12: Today, I’m thankful I got on the bike.

That overused cliché about never forgetting how to ride a bike turns out to be true. I haven’t had a bike since… well, I honestly don’t even remember. Sometime around second grade, I think.

We got my dad a bicycle for Father’s Day a few weeks ago, and since the temperature dropped from 93 to 75 degrees over the course of an hour today, I finally decided to give it a whirl around the block. I’ve been debating for weeks, but I’ve psyched myself out every time, imagining violently sliding across the pavement sideways and meeting my untimely and embarrassing end. Today, I said screw it, put on some soffe shorts and a tank top, and went for it.

I went around the block twice and came back in, sweating, and feeling good that I conquered my fear – even if that makes me as accomplished as a 6 years old. After a little bit of lightning and some spitting rain passed, I decided to go back out again.

I’m so glad I did – the air had a yellow hue, the clouds were dark purple against an auburn sky, and the air was cool. I kept the gear higher than I should trudging up the massive hills in my neighborhood and didn’t succumb to squeezing the breaks as I came soaring down the other side. It felt incredible to go that fast, cool air beating around my ears and tangling my hair. And one time around the block turned into three or four or five, as I lost track of time.

I’m sure I my butt cheeks will be hurting tomorrow, the unfortunate way they do when a bicycle seat bruises them, but for now, I’m glad that I got on and started peddling. Once I did, I realized how silly it was to not ride simply for the fear of falling down.

Day 8: A Little Balance


Day 8: Today, I’m thankful that I’ve rediscovered yoga.

I really enjoyed a daily downward facing dog in my college days, but once the “real world” started seeping into my life, things I enjoyed started seeping out.

Last week, I tried out a new yoga studio, and for the first time in a long time, stretched, bent and warriored. I’ve got a long road ahead of me. My balance isn’t great and I’ve lost a lot of the flexibility I once had.

Today, not in the mood for the gym or the studio, and loving this 86 degree air, I brought my yoga mat to the park and awkwardly stretched next to all the hillbillies here to fish, smoke, and drink cheap beer from cans.

It almost started to bother me- not the typical peace one strives for when they are practicing yoga. But then, that’s the way the world really is- a little drunk, a little silly and very much out of our control. Now as I’m writing this, Black Eyed Peas are blaring from the other side of the lake.

Through the noise and endless distractions, I am reminded I don’t have control of much in life. However, I have control of my outlook – so I’m going to keep working on that balance thing.