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Day 53: No Junk in the Trunk


Today, I spent about two-hours cleaning my car. I never made it to the outside – I’ll have to work on that tomorrow. Still, it feels so nice to have no trash in sight (or out of sight for that matter), no stains or scuffs, dirt or dust. In about three-months, I won’t have a car until I don’t even know when. For now, I’m going to take care of my little car child while I can.

Day 9: Clean Teeth


Day 9: Today, I’m thankful that I can pay people to clean my teeth.

I know a lot of people have irrational fears about the dentist, but I’m not one of them. I never had many problems with my teeth growing up, so it was always a pleasant enough experience for me.

Today, I went for my annual cleaning. The thought of someone else scraping the plaque off your teeth is pretty disgusting, but it just feel so good. They use that little round super toothbrush that buffs your teeth, and the toothpaste with the sand in it – then rinse, vacuum out your mouth, give you a free toothbrush, and send you on your way.

I can ear a little bell chime whenever I smile today.

Thanks, clean teeth, for being shiny.