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Day 11: End of a Gala


Day 11: Today, I’m thankful that the Kentucky Baron’s Ball is over.

Not in a pessimistic, ‘thank god it’s over’ sort of way. I’m just glad that the event was planned and happened how it was supposed to.

I have been helping out on a committee the last few months with the American Cancer Society for their annual gala. It was a decent amount of work – certainly more than I’ve done on any other committee I’ve been on. I helped secure over $10,000 in sponsorships, wrote press releases, wrote web copy, created marketing material and a bunch of other odd jobs. It was fun to be on the committee though. I met some nice people and got some experience that I otherwise would not have.

Tonight was the actual event. It was not very well attended, but the crowd was okay and the mood was good. We only stayed a few hours, but I had a good time. Also, thanks to Kaylyn for being on the committee with me, and thanks to Paul for being my rent-a-man for the night…. If only that were a real (legal) thing.