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Day 56: Bunny Ruffles


Today, I went to a double baby shower, which is a very frightening idea to me. Me trying to pick out children’s clothes at Macy’s almost gave me a panic attack. I don’t have any idea what is supposed to be cute and what is corny. Ducks, bunnies, elephants, monkeys, lace, pajamas with feet… I may as well be reading Latin. But I grabbed a few outfits that were as ruffle-free as possible for the expecting moms. I wrapped them in what paper I had laying around, which ended up being fluorescent yellow with a black bow and purple gloss paper with some kind of swirly crap on it. I got congratulations cards that said “You did it!” because I couldn’t find anything without a stork or a bottle on it. So I showed up after work to celebrate two of my managers, both due in the next few weeks. It was weird, and I made a lot of inappropriate comments, but I got through it alive. So here’s to facing your fears, but doing it in your own way.