Day 37: No La-Z-Boy


Sitting on an airplane. I got so lucky as to get the seats in front of the exit row that don’t recline. Almost ¾ of the way through. One more hour. I’ve had to pee since I got on the plane, but window seat- and both people beside me are asleep. Also, I’m freezing. I left my cardigan in the car when I got out. I forgot to eat dinner too. That’s just because I left work late, which meant I got home late, which meant I finished packing late, left the house late, got to the airport late. I ran through the terminal and was probably the fifth or sixth to last to board. Good thing I took the moving sidewalk.

I’m a ray of sunshine, if you can’t tell.

Despite everything, I’m actually not down at all. I made my plane which barely happened. Maybe I like the drama of rushing to the airport at the last minute, who knows. Thank goodness traffic was light, it wasn’t raining, and no one was in the check-in line. I had 7 minutes to check in before the cut off time. So there’s a lot to be thankful for. A sore butt isn’t the end of the world. I’ve got a lot more cushion back there than a lot of people. Oh, arriving 25 minutes ahead of schedule. Got to go – time to store electronic devices.

See you on the ground.

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