Day 28: Reds


I’m in no way a “baseball person.” I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a q-tip then watch a game on ESPN. But that being said, there is something about $9 beer and screaming “Charge!” with an upward thrusting fist motion I really can’t help but enjoy.

Reds played the Diamondbacks and won last night and I had a lot of fun hanging out with my family, drinking expensive beer, and talking inappropriately loud. I’m thankful I’ve got access to good tickets, and that I live in a place where 30,000 people gather on a Tuesday night to watch some sweaty dudes toss a ball around. I mean really, we’re lucky we can be so frivolous with our time.

Last night, it was just really awesome to be one of how ever many thousand people wearing a red t-shirt and cheering for a group of dudes in tight pants.




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