Day 21: Yoga Under the Stars


I had a talk with my pregnant boss a few days ago about what she will be naming her little girl when she arrives. She was telling me that she is drawn to more traditional names: Elizabeth, Julia and Claire. We launched into a light-hearted conversation about names and what they mean and joked about what hippie names I would come up for my own kids (God forbid I actually have any): Forest, Sunshine and Dirt.

None of that is very relevant to what I’m thankful for today, except that I’ve always been told I’m a bit of a flower child. I’m not even entirely sure why – I do want to save the whales and walk around barefoot, but those are hardly defining characteristics of who I am.

I was definitely feeling some hippie vibes last night though. Around 11:00, I couldn’t sleep and was feeling a little down on myself for not working out – I typically do about 6 times a week – so I pulled my yoga mat outside, rolled it out on the patio, and went into child’s pose.

It was the first cool night we’ve had in a while and the stars were crystal clear. Mars was off to my left, just positioned so I could see it in an extended triangle pose. I ended up stretching and moving and breathing and just focusing on nothing for the next hour. Even though I was working hard and sweat was rolling off my body, it was so extremely peaceful and relaxing. I just love the way yoga makes me feel.

Yoga under an infinitely lit sky though … what a humbling moment.


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