Czech. Czech. Testing: One. Two.

Back-end view of the Square

Photo just outside of Old Town Square in Prague.

This is my coming out.

As some of you already know, I decided it was time for a little life change … Well, a big life change.

Come the fall, I’m getting on a plane with a one-way ticket in hand and heading to Prague. I’ll be getting my teaching certification to teach English, which will little over 4 weeks. After that … I’m not sure. I may stay in Prague for a while and teach, I may go to Turkey or South Korea and teach, or maybe I’ll find a way to make the little bit of experience I have in business and writing work for me. The point is, I’m checking out.

I’m a chronic planner, so needless to say, moving to the other side of the world with two suitcases, a lot of hope, and no itinerary scares the shit out of me. I won’t know if I even have a job until after I’m there. I don’t completely understand the process and I’ve never been to Europe. I certainly don’t speak Czech. The fact that it’s a “meat and potatoes” country makes me a bit ill to even think about because I’m a leaves and fish girl. (That’s not a thing, but I’m making it a thing.)  The fact it’s the beer capital of the world… well I’m very happy about that.

So there are some things I’ll have to adjust to, but the hardest is the letting go part. It’s unnatural for me not to plan – not to worry incessantly. It’s my biological makeup to over-think everything. So I’m reading a lot about Czech culture, I’m relearning English, and I’m learning as much as I can about being a teacher. I’ve made about 14 budgets during the last month, and spent endless hours on Google Streetview exploring the city. Thank God for technology. Or better yet, thank Google.

Despite being scared and uncomfortable that I don’t have everything figured out, I’m more excited than I’ve been since … well, since any time I can remember.

Life is calling, and I’m finally answering.


About Sarah L.

I have a passion for people and culture. I want to change the world. I am dramatic and anxious and overly organized in everything I do. I love reading, good music, coffee, wine, family and friends.

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